RFID chip, is it real?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by galaxyAbstractor, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. galaxyAbstractor

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    One of my class mates is a bit paranoid in my opinion. He believes that the American government wants to implant microchips (RFID chips) in every human on earth to keep track of them, and implement one global currency. So on this chip, you will have your money to automatically pay for stuff etc, bus card, medicines, GPS tracker so the government knows where you are etc.

    Then the government could turn off the chip remotely if you break any law, and what I understand, kill you.

    Now for me this seems kinda unlikely because: Why would the American government do this? Also, RFID chips isn't too secure. I seen vids and news articles that you could clone RFID stuff easily. Like those cards you use to get into certain buildings (school, work etc), I've seen reports on people reading them using their own scanner to get the ID, then making a new chip with the same info. Well, then identity theft and robbery would be soo much easier. They had an entire Mythbusters episode on this, but they weren't allowed to air it.

    His source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuBo4E77ZXo

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  2. Smith6612

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    Eh, I've heard of these things and this is one thing I don't want done to me. RFID is such an easy technology to jam, as well as an easy technology to gather info from. I'd prefer to use my mind to store information as it was made for, and to enter in my data.

    By the way, ThinkGeek has an RFID experimental kit that can be used for many things.
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  3. Sharky

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    Oh, I wouldn't worry about that. There's an easy defence mechanism that'll protect you from ALL of these intrusive devices, including aliens, mind-probe tracking, satellites, and radio waves: http://sn.im/sl0mt
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  4. mstring

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    Just imagine the chaos EMP weaponry could cause if people depended on technology even more. :p

    Also the obvious ethical implications far outweigh whatever benefits the potentially proposed system has.
  5. farscapeone

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    Yes vigge_sWe, you're right. He is paranoid. Just read this:

    Form http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Identity_documents_in_the_United_States

    They can't make nation wide ID cars. How do you expect them to put RFID chips underneath everyones skin then? You can't force everyone to do it, US is democratic country.

    On the other hand, imagine how much money and resources would it take to do such a thing. If you have doubts about something just look at if from commercial side and you'll see it clearly ;)
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  6. fractalfeline

    fractalfeline New Member

    So, are they going to force us all to get chips, or are they supposedly already implanting them in newborn infants or somesuch? (ie Are they going to implement this system by force or by secrecy?)

    Meanwhile I prefer to live a more practical life, and concern myself with daily needs. It might not be ~* THE TRUTH *~ and I might be deceiving myself by not listening to conspiracy theories, but in the end, I still have to pay the bills and get up in the morning.
  7. ah-blabla

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    Good luck to the US Government trying to convince other governments to follow with the plan... Shame the US just isn't the Global Power it used to be.

    In most (normal) countries ID cards work / are widespread. It is true that in the USA and the UK you get some rather silly people opposing id cards,and as a result no card, but a better example is most EU countries as a group (except UK) which have an almost identical id card. As a result of some UK citizen's stupidity though I don't hava an id card and as a result when travelling through Europe have to carry my large and bulky passport all the time instead of a small piece of plastic like just about all other Europeans I know. (However recently id card plans for the UK were put through, so the government is finally doing what the most UK citizens want... Unfortunately this is linked to a large database of data about citizens, which is bad.)

    And BTW, RFID doesn't allow remote tracking: unless active RFID is used, the chips can only be detected with specialised equipment in very short range (10m -- and that is with very specialised equipment), and even with active RFID you still have a limited range (100 metres?). You would need a separate GPS device to properly track people, which is not very feasible. Using RFID to track people would require lots of RFID scanners installed every 50 metres, even less practical than gps.

    And a second BTW, many passports nowadays have RFID in them already. Installing RFID in all citizens wouldn't be particularly hard, the tags are cheap, so the only cost is implantation. In countries with less freedom and only basic democracy (read US, UK, etc. etc.) it wouldn't be hard to imagine such a thing actually being introduced. (If you want a real democracy go to Switzerland: not only do you choose your representatives for parliament, there is also no single president, i.e. presidentship is shared among 7 people. Lastly, most importantly, any large change of laws/any change of laws with some dispute, and all changes of constitution, require a vote by the people. You get voting every few weeks happening here. If you look at USA and UK you have the people choosing representatives, and that's it. You don't have much influence on what actually happens in parliament -- and what's worst is that your representatives in Government usually forgot that they were chosen to represent you.)
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  8. cybrax

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    The miracle that is modern mass production makes the cost figures more credible and it is not hard to see how with the aid of a suitable nudge or rather a tug on the collective emotion a population could be persuaded it was a good idea and a better alternative than giving up on life entirely and crawling back into the ocean.

    Consider the work of sci-fi author Jack Vance and his "Faceless Man" trilogy, a world where everybody wears an individually coded collar full of explosive and nobody knows the identity of whom controls the detonators.

    No drawn out hostage negotitaions, long sieges, Kidnapping, car chases, closer to home things like the terrorist events that occured in both the United States and the far east might never have been so devastaitng had a few heads quite litrally, rolled a bit sooner.
  9. ah-blabla

    ah-blabla New Member

    Free speech, freedom to act as one wishes etc. would also be down the drain at the same time. You would live in constant fear of saying something the controller doesn't like and ... bam ... you no longer exist in this world. And the logistics of actually monitoring things to prevent such things would be impossible. (The logistics of setting it up isn't particularly hard, but you would need people to monitor the data.)
  10. ferricadooza

    ferricadooza New Member

    The idea that RFID surgical implants will be enforced in democratic countries is out there with other whacko theories like 9/11 Conspiracies, moon landing hoax, chemtrails, bigfoot etc etc. It's just another frightener to swell the coffers of the fear- mongers like Alex Jones. It'll never happen. Worry about something more based in reality like air pollution, climate change or deforestation.

  11. fractalfeline

    fractalfeline New Member

    Careful saying stuff like that around here. There's people on these forums that might actually get offended.

    (But I agree whole-heartedly :) )
  12. ferricadooza

    ferricadooza New Member

    Hey hope I don't offend. I just write the way I see it. If people want to join in the debate they are welcome.

    I'm glad there's at least one sceptic on board here anyway :-]

    Have you been too my site? HERE There are some interesting (audio only) debates there about different 9/11 CT theories.

    Please have a look and listen tell me what you think.

  13. callumacrae

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  14. galaxyAbstractor

    galaxyAbstractor Community Advocate Community Support

    Why? We do have ID cards in Sweden, nothing wrong with it... It's just like a mini-passport you use in shops to keep your credit card safe.
  15. ah-blabla

    ah-blabla New Member

    The ID card is fine. The National Identity database it is linked with isn't --> The government are coupling the ID cards to a database full of various information about citizens, which is highly worrying. I can't wait to get rid of my UK citizenship actually...
  16. stpvoice

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    Over here in the UK, there was a TV series based in the future, whereby everyone had one of these 'chips' but it was a more advanced, and non existant version of RFID.

    I think if applied properly, there's a real opportunity to gain from it. But on the other hand, it comes with its dangers.

    Identity theft etc, and I wouldn't want the government to know where I am 24/7, although there are situations where that feature could come in handy.

    And mostly, it could cost a LOT of money to implement RFID at the moment across a population, so at the moment, I don't see it happening.
  17. zeppfrog

    zeppfrog New Member

    But it is working so well with pets, someone can find their lost pet in a flash now, wouldnt it be great with all the missing kids, if you put this small, perfectly harmless chip in your baby, I mean look at the world around us, kids are being exploited everywhere, being tricked by internet pervs, etc. you could track em on your iphone. and really, you can have it turned off any time you like, we promise. It's really for your own good, and it is practically neglect if you dont chip your child.

    (hitler didn't take western europe in a day, and any honest german would have been apalled if you told them there were death camps)

    This sort of thing would never happen, ever. It couldnt. We are too smart for that.

    (signed, devils advocate)
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  18. ah-blabla

    ah-blabla New Member

    Which is why we get things like McDonalds being sued for not warning that coffee is hot...

    Implanting these wouldn't be too hard actually. With future technology you could put tracking equipment in vaccines, and no one notices when it's injected... It's not possible with today's technology to make things small enough, but we are progressing at high speed.
  19. natrobius

    natrobius New Member

    Am I the only person here quick enough to realise that my Social Security Card IS my national ID? You are REQUIRED to get one if you are born in the US now, and you MUST have it to sign up for and recieve ANYTHING in the us..... What is the difference?

    Your entire credit report, medical records, etc.... You cannot get a driver's licence without it..... Get real.
  20. cybrax

    cybrax Community Advocate Community Support

    Sure at the moment you cannot get a drivers liscence without some ID, BUT,
    you could still drive a car if you wanted, you have that freedom of choice.

    However in an RFID equipped society the car itself would not let you drive it and could easily be programmed to lock the doors and summon law enforcement to come collect the perp.

    (The way things are going the car could well drive itself to the nearest wreckers yard and drive right into the crusher with you in it. )

    Hate to burst your cosy bubble but there are lots of folk in the states who manage quite well without a social security number, in the land of the poor cash is king.

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