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    Thanks Mr.Vishal2 for unsuspending. Thank You M/s Anna for the log report. But can you please help me with some more information? How to find that if a script takes more resources or less resources?Because that "oledsite/administrator/index2.php" was the cause and I now remember.I was using...
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    HI .. my account has been suspended for high resource usage and automatic unsuspensions are off. What all I did is to use ftp and download my files to localhost. this is truth and even this caused a suspension.Which is quite strange Can you please help resetting the suspension robot to...
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    Top 3 Simplest Disposable Email Sites

    @tittbit12 Dear tittbit12, Please consider that the X10 hosting support is only asking you to check the correct forum to post. Though it calls on you that you advertize "wherever" as you told earlier,it looked like spam had it had been posted in any other thread/forum than Site Promotion...
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    Windows 7 Ultimate Blue Screen Every Few Hours

    I very well know that problem while I tested windows 7 on a PC It may not be in your case but look at it as follows. If the Windows7 is cracked version of the OS and if it has had ever connected to internet,then the latest update put up this bug in it.After the OS legal key is bought and put,the...
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    Check Out My Site

    It lacks in content.I understand that you did not launch it to the fullest. Atleast in forums put the Boards like Movies,Websites,Help etc..which are discussion topics. Forum looks dull and wierd because of lack of content.Otherwise, speeds are up and site runs fast and responds in less than 320...
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    RSS to integrate into my website.

    Also that you can submit to RSS search engines using professionally available submitter software.I can PM you if you want.Putting all of them here would be like I advertizing the. Regards
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    New css Layout

    I have run it on IE6 and after a 2 refresh cycles,It loaded well.What were the "few issues" you were mentioning about? May be a small note on how your search engine indexes pages would construct trust in the users.Why not put a link for the same.. Regards, Boby
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    Newbies: How not to get suspended and still run a site on X10 free hosting

    Most of us do not read Terms and conditions and if have had done so,we might not have read between lines.This post is for all freehosting members who would like to be active on X10 and have a happy going here. Rule1: No warez,No nulled scripts(like nulled Vbulletin etc) ,no proxies If...
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    What can i feel about x10 hosting

    Yes I agree with you but there are limitations to the free hosting aswell. Speed is up but there is limit on CPU usage.CPU usage is strictly monitored here much more than in other free hosters.So If you use any thing other than a simple wordpress blog(except some extensions) you may be suspended...
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    CRONs not working what ever I do

    The corn command i used is put below /usr/bin/php /home/bobycv/public_html/bumpit/components/com_rss2content/cron/www.cbv.exofire.net26062010142015000000.php >>/home/bobycv/public_html/bumpit/cronlog.txt 2>&1 Please help. Thank You.
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    CRONs not working what ever I do

    After Following the above , 1.I could use cron to send email--Thanks to dlukin for that.I put a reputation for you. 2.But for using a php file,the following is written to the log file Status: 404 Not Found X-Powered-By: PHP/5.2.13 Content-type: text/html No input file specified. Status: 404...
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    CRONs not working what ever I do

    I have just done a testing on cron jobs with a php file and if it works,then there should be a new article created in my joomla site. But nothing such happend and hence I think that the cron has not worked. Do you have any example code to test if cron is working on stoli server? Please help...
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    CRONs not working what ever I do

    Dear Sir, I have tried searching for Cron on x10 forum and found the following statements which never worked. /usr/bin/php /home/bobycv/public_html/cron/Test.php php -q /home/bobycv/public_html/cron/Test.php php-cron /home/bobycv/public_html/cron/Test.php wget -O /dev/null...
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    Hosting Account Signup Failure (Error Code 384F0062)

    I think signup is on now.You can try again.
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    cpanel password

    Re: cpanel password--just donot panic Next time if you have any password related problems,please try resetting them from your main control panel alone. Keep reading for updates on the Control panel for the following. 1.If the server is under maintenance 2.If the databases are being transferred...