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    Trying to link hosting account to forum account

    Hello. I've been on vacation for practically a whole month. I got back on the 22nd of July. I've been trying from time to time since to link my account again with this new system in place since it looks like my account was messed up for some reason. When I try to link my account, I get an error...
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    Suggestions before I make the CSS version?

    I have finally found some free time. I've been thinking of making a light, flexible CSS version of my current semi-CSS template. Well, before I do that, it would be to have some suggestions. It's almost been a full year since I've made it and I think there are some good things I can improve on...
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    PHP Safe mode?

    Just a question, why is PHP's safe mode on? I can't install the Joomla 1.5 beta correctly with it on since session saving won't work. Does anyone know how to get around this? I have already searched for something like this for Joomla, but there was nothing useful.
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    Why did my SQL Databases Disappear?

    I have all the backups, but I am wondering why they all have disappeared. Even my user accounts are gone. It might take me a while to upload all of the databases, so I am asking whether something like this will happen again. Edit: Seems like something wrong is going on with mysql. PHPAdmin is...
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    Still have domain issues

    I have been trying for the past week to park my domain, but I keep getting the park wrapper error. I have made multiple threads that usually cut off since no one knows what the problem is. It is not the domain's problem, since it had been working before. Now, everytime I try to transfer the...
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    DNS Entries

    I've read a bit on Google and I saw that several people had the same problem as me in getting this error: Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs:,,,, Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP...
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    Domain Parking Error

    I accidentally deleted my top level domain from the parked domains list in the cpanel. Now, when I try domain parking, all I get is: Error from park wrapper: Using nameservers with the following IPs:,,,, Sorry, the domain is...
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    HTTP down (just reporting)

    Yeah, I tried to update my site and then I found that it wasn't uploading a few minutes later. I'm in no hurry, since I have other things to worry about right now.
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    Ad Code - Produces just a small WC3 Vali Error

    I know this is a bit small, but the ad code produces an ampersand with variable error. This is the only thing that makes my site from becoming 100% WC3 cross browser compatible. Does this bother anyone?
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    Testing PHP Pages?

    On my website, I was testing PHP pages with CodeIgniter and CakePHP. These pages don't have ads since they're test pages that I continually delete and reconstruct. Then after a few days, I got suspended. I already paid $100 x10cash to unsuspend. Was this the reason why I was suspended? I have no...
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    Settings of x10hosting for external mysql gui frontend like SQLyog?

    I'm trying out the trial version of SQLyog, but I don't exactly know how to set the settings for x10hosting. I'm new to mysql and a gui frontend for editing mysql databases would make things much faster and easier. I'm required to enter in: MYSQL Host Address (would this be just my domain...
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    The forums are getting a bit unfriendly?

    Lately, I see forum members of the free webhosting criticize another. On one of the threads below, I see one person talking about how he is losing patience. True, that isn't a really good way to make things go faster, but it does not mean that patience should be lost on him. I would recommend...
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    Your Favorite Web Language?

    What is your favorite language? Some of the examples are ColdFusion, HTML, XHTML, PHP with something like Leopard or Smarty combined, ASP, ASP.NET, Javascript, Ajax(combination of languages), etc. Also, I want to know what you use it for. Lots of people use languages in a way that could...
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    Needing help with PHP includes

    Well, here is my problem. Everytime I click on my navigation links, the whole page has to refresh. I don't want that, I want only the CSS div of the include() to refresh. How do I do this? (In other words, I'd like for the include to work like an iframe. Only the iframe is updated and not the...
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    Need info about paid plans.

    I'm considering x10hosting's paid plans, so I need some info. Average Uptime Per Month? Average Uptime Per Restart? Monthly or Yearly Payment? Age of Current Server? Backup Server to Switch to When Other is Down? Server Environment? Number of Paid Hosting Users per Machine? Total Space...